Chrysler Auto Parts: The Definitive Guide

The History of Chrysler

Since it was founded by Walter Percy Chrysler in 1925, Chrysler has become one of the most well-known and well-loved brands of sedans & minivans. Despite being a United States-based company, Chrysler has made a name for themselves across the globe.

And for the 90+ years of their existence, Chrysler has been constantly innovating, experimenting with new technology, upgrading car parts, and replacing outdated systems. All in all, Chrysler has produced over 30 models, each more innovative than the last.

Despite struggling through a series of financial crises, including the automotive industry crisis of 2008, Chrysler automobiles have remained a favourite in the automotive world. Numerous Chrysler models have received top awards, and have been ranked internationally as the 13th best selling brand. Their minivan models have become particularly popular, selling over over 12 million minivans worldwide since their inception in 1983.

Famous Chrysler Models

Although Chrysler has over 30 discontinued models that are no longer in production, just a few of these managed to withstand the test of time.

2000 Chrysler Voyager

The 2000 Chrysler Voyager series is one of these models. As one of Chrysler's first minivans in the 1980's, the Chrysler Voyager helped build the foundations for the Chrysler brand internationally. Despite being discontinued in 2015, the demand for 2000 Chrysler Voyager parts is still high, their reliability is unmatched.

From 1988 to 2015, Chrysler produced five generations of the Voyager, one of their longest-running minivan models. Noted for its reliability and usability, Voyager models are a favourite for family trips and group transportation. Because of its' versatility, many Voyager owners opt to keep their vehicles for a long time, simply replacing parts as needed.

One of the notable features of the Voyager is the Stow 'n Go seating system, which allows its five rear seats to fold into the floor, creating a massive boot space for hauling objects. With this system, the vans have a maximum cargo space volume of about 4.5 cubic meters.

Chrysler 300C

Another iconic Chrysler model is the Chrysler 300C. With production from 1955 till present, it has undergone several innovations both in appearance and performance.

Upon its release, the Chrysler 300C was one of the most-awarded new cars, winning the 2005 Moto Trend Car of the Year Award, being featured on the Driver's Ten Best list for two consecutive years, and also being named the North American Car of the Year. In addition, it was a finalist for the 2005 World Car of the Year and won Canadian Car of the Year in the Best New Luxury Car awards.

The 300C became widely popular in the mid-2000s due to appearances in popular media and having been owned by a number of celebrities. Still, many will agree that a well-maintained older generation 300C will be equally reliable, and less expensive to buy 300C parts for.

PT Cruiser

A third widely-known Chrysler model is the PT Cruiser. With its retro style, the visual appeal comes from the nostalgia it invokes, reminiscent of the brand's older models.

Despite its old style, the PT Cruiser's interior layout has underwent a few upgrades. Similar to the Voyager, the model's seats could be modified, allowing them to be moved, folded, and even removed from the vehicle, allowing the van to quickly transform from a five-seater to a one-seater with a huge cargo hold.

Its initials - standing for "Personal Transport" - reflected its multiple functions as family transport, a weekend getaway vehicle, or even a cargo hauling service. Although it was only produced from 2001 to 2010, its utility and versatility have not lessened through the years, and easy repairs keep existing units reliable and functioning.

Chrysler Replacement Parts

The average lifespan of a car is 8 years; if well-built and properly maintained, they can reach 15. However, buying automobiles are expensive, and often the decision of which car to buy is done with great care to ensure you're getting your money's worth. Unfortunately, depreciation makes the value of cars drop extremely fast. Maintenance of newer car models are also becoming more expensive, as replacement parts are more difficult to acquire.

Buying used cars and maintaining them, though, is less expensive than buying a newer model. As Chrysler is renowned for its engineering expertise, it's still common to see discontinued Chrysler models such as the Voyager and the PT Cruiser around. While now only buyable as used cars or in used car dealerships, these older automobiles are still being maintained through regular repairs and new Chrysler parts.

This is the great part about Chrysler replacement parts - whether you already own a Chrysler or are looking to buy a used model, Chrysler replacement parts are the best way to preserve and maintain your vehicle. There's no need to buy a new car when the value's likely to drop by 40% or more after the first few months, when you can simply upgrade an older model Voyager with a few spare parts.

Whether it's parts for a 300C or a PT Cruiser, buying Chrysler car parts are a better, more affordable method of getting the most miles out of your vehicle. For older models like these, though, finding factory original repair parts and great service can be difficult.

We at Hi Tech Auto Parts are here to provide you with high-quality parts and great service for all your Chrysler replacement part needs, delivering to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and anywhere else in New Zealand.

Keep your Chrysler in top shape and well-maintained, and contact us!


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