Top 7 Considerations Before Buying a Family Car

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When you hear the word “family car,” you’re probably imagining a minivan or perhaps an SUV. 

However, the truth is that almost any vehicle can be a family car as long as it meets your family’s needs. This simply means that before going to the dealers, you need to consider various factors to make sure that every box is ticked.

To help you find the ideal family car for your needs, here’s a quick list of the top things you need to keep in mind:

1. Safety

One of the top priorities for a family car is safety. This is especially true if babies and young children are also going to ride with you. 

The good thing is that many modern cars already have a lot of built-in safety features. Some of the most important safety features you should look for in a family car are child locks, child-lock seats, and side airbags. 

You should also see if you can add tech- or AI-based safety enhancements such as self-parking, collision avoidance, and auto-pilot.

Finally, you should also consider a vehicle’s safety ratings. You can use this resource to check how many stars your preferred make and model has. Those with 5-star ratings are the safest, while those with 1-star ratings are the opposite.

Ideally, you want a car that’s sturdy enough to protect you and your family in case of a crash. A family car should also be stable and won’t easily topple over.

2. Cost of Operation and Maintenance

A family car is going to be driven a lot to school, the office, family vacations, and more. 

This means you’re going to spend a lot on petrol. That’s why a family car should be a fuel-efficient model. In addition, you can also expect your family car to take a lot of abuse. 

Kids can be a little rowdy and you can also expect that you’ll be hauling quite a lot of luggage through the years. Thus, you need a vehicle that’s quite sturdy and easy to repair.

It’s a good idea to check where you can find reliable suppliers of auto replacement parts before you buy a car. You should also look at the price of the parts themselves. Keep in mind that expensive vehicles also tend to have more costly components.

3. Baby- and Kid-Friendliness

If you have babies or young children in the family, then you need to make sure that the family car can accommodate car seats. 

You should also be able to load a pram without it taking over the rest of the cargo space. Finally, the above-mentioned child locks are a must for infants and young children.

Another thing you have to pay attention to is the height of the vehicles. Can your kids get inside easily? Can you comfortably put your child in a car seat without straining your back? 

When your family car is at the right height, you don’t have to worry too much about achy knees and backs.

4. Seating & Storage Space

For a small family, a regular sedan may already be sufficient. For a bigger family, however, you’ll definitely need a bigger vehicle to accommodate more passengers and more bags. 

In this case, an SUV or a dual-cab ute might be a better choice for a family vehicle.

5. Comfort

As previously mentioned, your family car is likely going to be brought to so many family vacations. This means that your passengers will be spending hours seated inside the car. 

At the very least, you need to make sure that the seats are soft and comfortable for everyone with plenty of legroom for taller, restless passengers.

You also may want to invest in accessories like seat covers and neck rests to improve comfort levels.

6. Extra Features

For family cars, cup holders are a must to minimise spills and stains. Ideally, there should also be climate control options in the back row so the passengers can adjust the temperature at any time.

Other features you may want to look at include rear cameras, automatic doors, and on-board entertainment systems.

7. Colour

Admittedly, the colour of your family car isn’t quite as important as its safety or comfort levels. 

However, it bears saying that dark-coloured cars can trap heat during the day. The paint job is also a bit more difficult to maintain compared to other hues.

In regards to safety, black or other dark colours can be more difficult to see in the dark. This can affect overall safety because even if you’re a careful driver, you can’t easily say the same about those around you.

Another good tip for buying a family car is to shop together. This way, you can really test if your kids can get in or out easily or if the cab is truly spacious enough for all the passengers.

Schedule a trip to the dealers and make a day out of it. It can be a good bonding experience! Moreover, everyone can also share their opinions about what they want so that the car you ultimately get is something that everyone loves. 


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