Should You Buy a Ute or an SUV? 4 Things to Consider

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If you’re considering replacing your current car with something bigger, your options are usually between a pickup truck, ute or an SUV.

These two vehicles have a lot of similarities. For one, they’re much bigger than your average sedan; thus, they have more space for both passengers and cargo. In addition, utes and SUVs have higher ground clearance, making it easier to drive over and through rugged terrains and harsh weather. 

Another thing that utes and SUVs have in common is that they’re popular vehicle types, so maintenance won’t be an issue. For example, it’s easy to find a reliable auto parts supplier to purchase quality products if you're looking for replacement components. This way, you can get your vehicle back up and running in no time.

All these can make choosing between a ute and an SUV more difficult. If you’re still on the fence about which one to buy, here are some considerations:

Ute: Can Carry and Pull Bigger, Taller, Heavier Loads

An SUV certainly has more cargo-carrying and towing capacity than a sedan. However, a ute will be the more practical choice if you're looking for a real workhorse. Some trucks with larger engines can pull loads as heavy as 11,000 lbs (more or less 5,000 kg); this means hauling campers or other vehicles won’t be any trouble.

The wide open back of a ute also makes it ideal for carrying a variety of large or stackable items, say a refrigerator, a pile of moving boxes, or a mountain bike. When you open the tailgate, you can also place long items, like wood planks or plastic tubes.

SUV: Can Seat More People

Many growing families prefer SUVs because of all the space they offer. A ute can accommodate up to 5 people, but you can expect the back seats to be a little more cramped. Meanwhile, SUVs can comfortably seat up to 8 people without worry.

If your children like having a lot of space to move around and stretch their legs, an SUV is a great choice. The seating capacity of an SUV also makes it a great candidate for carpooling.

Ute: Can Last Much Longer

A vehicle costs a lot of money. Therefore, , it’s only logical to want whatever make and model you buy to last as long as possible. Now, it is essential to note that any vehicle can stay in great shape for years if you take good care of it. That said, some vehicles, such as utes, are naturally built to be more durable than others. 

Indeed, a pickup truck is designed to handle more gruelling conditions. You can be confident that a ute can easily tackle mud, flood waters and heavy rains, sand, or snow. An SUV is bigger than a car, but it can be less durable due to the focus on style and use in the city.

If you want further proof of how heavy-duty a ute is, just look at how farmers use them in their fields. 

SUV: Can Give Your More Kilometres per Litre

One of the biggest costs of owning a vehicle is the price of fuel. If you want to save money, get something that gets you more mileage per tank. Between a ute and an SUV, the SUV wins in this realm by a huge margin.

Remember that many utes have larger engines, meaning they need more fuel to run. ` Some SUV models are also equipped with more powerful engines, but most models are still more efficient than utes. If you’re going to drive mainly in the city, an SUV is a  more practical choice.

Other Considerations

Another thing you should consider when deciding between a ute and an SUV is the ease of handling. In general, you’ll find that an SUV is a little lighter to drive than a ute; if this is a big factor for you, go for an SUV.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more utility and flexibility, a ute is the way to go. This is especially true if you want a personal and business vehicle in one. A ute is also a good choice if you plan on taking your vehicle outside the city, where you might encounter unpaved roads and other types of uneven terrains. 

Tech and safety features aren’t much of an issue—especially if you’re buying new. As long as you’re willing to pay a bit more money, most, if not all modern functionalities can be added to either a ute or an SUV’s base model.

In the end, both vehicles are great. The final decision will depend upon the above-mentioned considerations, along with factors such as your budget, lifestyle, and design preferences. 

Happy vehicle shopping!

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