6 Great Tips for Finding Professionals You Can Trust to Maintain Your Car


Do you consider yourself a passionate car owner? Do you see your trusty vehicle as something close to a second child, or even as an extension of yourself? You can’t be faulted for wanting the best for your car. After all, your vehicle is one of your most important investments, so it’s likely to hold a special place in your heart. This is all the more true if it’s the first car that you’ve ever purchased with your hard-earned money. 

Being enthusiastic about your ride is also a good motivation to have when seeking auto technicians and a reliable auto parts supplier in NZ—professionals who can keep your vehicle in perfect working condition and who can outfit your car with high-quality parts. But exactly what separates the true professionals from the amateurs, opportunists, and sub-par contractors of this world?

If you have your doubts on whom to ask for help, Hi Tech Auto PartsWorld is pleased to share some insider’s knowledge. Below, we’ve listed some helpful tips on how to find honest, capable, and qualified partners for your car’s daily care. 

  1. Find local specialists for the car model you have. In the world of cars, expertise counts for a lot. There may be local servicemen or auto parts supplier out there who’ve perfected their practice to suit particular brands of car, types of engine, or types of aftermarket car parts. As such, you should be on the lookout for specialists for your particular vehicle make or model—be it a  Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, or something else—if you want more than the generic standard of auto service.
  2. Ask for referrals. Nowadays, securing referrals for car maintenance is easy. You can either solicit advice from friends, family, or fellow car owners, or you can search online for reviews of shops that may provide quality work or salesmanship. From these, you can form an accurate judgement regarding what separates the actual pros from dealers who traffic in inferior products, contractors who do sub-par work, or technicians who overcharge for “gravy work” (e.g. when they bill you for a two-hour job but they could have actually completed it in thirty minutes).
  3. Look for signs of industry appraisal on their official websites. The pros will make an extra effort to stand out from their peers by advertising their industry credentials to would-be customers. Look for evidence of these on the “Awards and Affiliations” page of the company’s website. Awards, certifications, or affiliations in trade groups means that their colleagues in the industry trust them—and therefore, you can, too.
  4. Look for variety in their products and services. It would be good on your part to engage with a business that can serve as a one-stop shop for all your needs. If you’re looking for a good auto shop, check their menu of services for variety (whether it is in changing oil, replacing tires, or fitting branded parts). For a supplier of auto parts, on the other hand, an extensive range of OEM, branded, generic, or new old stock (NOS) parts offered is a good indicator of a healthy business.
  5. See how they treat a small request before you enlist them for a big one. Transactions done for auto maintenance hold a lot of weight. The completion of a small task, such as the timely delivery of an individual car part, will matter a lot in keeping your car in peak condition. Don’t be afraid to judge an auto mechanic, repair specialist, or auto parts supplier based on their performance of a single, small task. It’s better to first test what they’re capable of before you entrust them with more complex duties.
  6. Engage with people who are knowledgeable, accommodating, and just as passionate as you about cars. This is perhaps the easiest of the items in the check-list, as there will be people in New Zealand who will exhibit deep love for all things auto related. Such a passion for cars informs the skills, talents, and business acumen of those tasked with auto maintenance and auto parts dealership. Once you find the people who share your dedication to cars—and who are able to translate this dedication into excellent work—then your car will be in good hands for sure!

With Hi Tech Auto PartsWorld, the car parts supply aspect of your auto maintenance is well-covered. For specialty parts that will serve your vehicle well and are a joy for auto mechanics to work with, contact Hi Tech Auto PartsWorld today.