10 Tips to Avoid Failure in Jeep Wrangler

With proper care and maintenance, Jeep Wrangler owners can save thousands of dollars in repair costs. If you own a Wrangler, keep these tips in mind for keeping your Jeep Wrangler in tip-top shape.

1. Keep it clean. 

This is the number one rule for off-road enthusiasts. Any dirt, grime, and mud stuck in the undercarriage, engines, axles, and other mechanisms of your Jeep may corrode the parts. You don’t want this to happen, so clean your Jeep, both outside and inside, after every off-road journey.

2. Change oil regularly.

Lubrication is very important for any engine. Usually, Jeep Wranglers have an oil change cycle of once every 5,000 -10,000 km). Always follow this schedule to minimise wear and tear on the engines. That way, not only do you make the engine last longer, but you also maintain the fuel economy of the vehicle. It saves both money and Mother Nature.

3. Warm up before driving in cold weather.

When it’s winter and you want to take your Jeep out for a ride, never forget to warm it up. This ensures that the oil makes its way to all the parts of the vehicle that need lubrication. Otherwise, engine wear will catch up to it sooner.

4. Check your tire pressure before off-roading.

Tire pressure is another important thing that’s easy to neglect. Your Jeep Wrangler needs adequate tire pressure especially when off-roading. If it’s too low, the engine has to work harder to move the vehicle along. In effect, the engine will wear down faster and it will also use more petrol. So make it a habit to check those tires before going on a trip.

5. Drive gently.

Your Jeep Wrangler’s engines may be built for off-road power, but it isn’t wise to take that for granted. Aggressively accelerating and decelerating often does wear down the engines, gears, and brakes a lot. So it’s always best to drive gently and smoothly, speeding up and slowing down at a relatively calm pace each time.

6. Never ignore those warning lights!

Those lights are there for a reason. Whenever you notice that the oil, temperature, or brake lights are on, don’t take any chances. Driving for even short distances with, say, an engine that’s too hot or with too little oil can significantly damage the engine. In the worst cases, they can even cause irreversible damage. It’s better to stop and have it checked than to ignore it and pay the price.

7. Maintain the wheel alignment.

Frequent off-road sessions can knock your Jeep’s wheels out of alignment. So for off-road enthusiasts, have those alignments checked every 3 months. This keeps the vehicle balanced all the way. Also, check for proper alignment every time you put on new tires or wheels.

8. Clean the air filter regularly.

For those who go on dusty terrain frequently, this is very important. The more dust and dirt that accumulates on the air filter, the shorter it will last. Keep it clean so you don’t have to replace it as often. Usually, an air filter’s lifespan is around 30,000 kms.

9. Clean out the brakes after each off-road drive.

Off-roading deposits a lot of dirt and mud on the brake mechanism. In turn, these can reduce the stopping effectiveness of the brakes. So always make sure the brakes are cleaned after each off-road trip to keep them performing at their best.

10. Check those headlights and tail lights!

Lighting is equally important. No one wants to be nicked in the middle of a trip for having malfunctioning lights. So it’s a good idea to check both front and rear lights monthly. Replace anything that doesn’t light up when it’s supposed to.

By following these ten tips, your Jeep Wrangler will spend less time in the mechanics and more time off-roading with you. But eventually, you’ll need some spare parts too. When the time comes, just visit Hi-Tech Auto Parts NZ. Enquire now and find the parts you need for your Jeep Wrangler in NZ.

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