Beyond New Paintwork: 7 Vehicle Upgrades That Will Turn Heads

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After many years and kilometres of driving, your vehicle’s brand-new look will begin to wane. As more modern vehicles start coming off the assembly line, yours will pale in comparison.

For many drivers, the appearance of their vehicle is a point of pride and an important factor in their driving lifestyle. If their car, ute, or Jeep doesn’t exude a show-stopping look, they won’t feel as good about driving it around. Fortunately, there are a lot of cosmetic and automotive upgrades that can revamp your ride’s exterior aesthetic.

Changing up the paintwork is one of the most common methods to give your vehicle a new look. But it’s too original because everyone does it; if you want your ride to be a significant head-turner on the roads or trails, opt for these vehicle upgrades instead:

Emblems and Badges

Some of the easiest and most affordable exterior upgrades you can make to your vehicle are adding emblems and badges. These accessories may look simple, but once you’ve applied them onto your vehicle’s body,  you’ll have a fresh, distinct look.

Most emblems and badges come with automotive-grade adhesives pre-applied to their backings, so installing them is a quick peel-and-stick process. 

What’s more, they’re available in different styles. You can get emblems that spell out the model of your truck (e.g., Super Duty) or badges that feature the logo of your favourite sports team.

Stripes, Decals, and Graphics

If you want your vehicle to stand out on the road, then sticking stripes, decals, and graphics to the body will give it a more attention-grabbing quality. These accessories are larger than emblems and badges, so they’re able to highlight a certain area of your vehicle better.

For example, you can give your car a sportier personality with vinyl racing stripes. Bumper decals, on the other hand, result in a sleeker look. 

Stripes, decals, and graphics come in many colours and designs, so you can definitely get a set that matches your personal style.

Exterior RGB Lights 

Most of your car’s lights are functional, but there are plenty of exterior lights made purely for aesthetic purposes; many of them come with RGB functionality. You can find RGB LED strips, HALO rings, and accent lights to mount to the exterior of your vehicle.

These lighting upgrades can be controlled via a remote or an app you can download on your smartphone. You can put on an amazing light show with exterior RGB lights to wow your friends.

Scoops, Louvres, and Vents 

There are some exterior upgrades that not only make your vehicle look good, but also improve your ride’s performance and comfort levels. 

Some examples include hood scoops and vents, as well as window louvres. These add a more dramatic touch to your vehicle and enhance its engine performance & interior style.

Hood scoops and vents give your vehicle’s hood a one-of-a-kind look. Their design also allows more air to be fed into the engine compartment, keeping things cool under the hood. Louvres, on the other hand, install over your windows and add a layer of protection from harsh sunlight.

Fender Flares

Fender flares are the perfect upgrades if you’re looking for an accessory that looks good and protects your car. They prevent stones, mud, and sand from being thrown into the air as you drive, reducing the risk of damage and injuries.

Due to their design, fender flares also add a brawny look to your vehicle. Their large size also provides you with more coverage, giving you more work room to install bigger wheels and tyres.

Fender flares bolt over your vehicle’s wheel wells, so they’re a simple install. 

And they come in pocket, riveted, and smooth designs, so you can get a set that complements the appearance of your vehicle.

Aftermarket Wheels

Switching to aftermarket wheels will instantly make your vehicle stand out from the rest of the cars on the streets or trails. Unlike the OE variants, aftermarket options have more eye-catching spoke designs and are covered in different powder coatings.

Plus, aftermarket wheels are available in different offsets, so you can get a set that suits your off-road-ready vehicle or one that increases road stability. Some of the types of aftermarket wheels you can find on the market are alloy, chrome, and multi-piece wheels.

Aftermarket Exhaust System

Not all show-stopping upgrades have to be visual. Sometimes, giving your vehicle a more aggressive exhaust sound is enough to garner people’s attention. Upgrading to a high-performance exhaust system will allow your vehicle to produce a louder and more powerful exhaust sound that’ll definitely make the ground shake.

High-performance exhaust systems also boast a less-restrictive design, so they’re able to expel exhaust gases at a higher and faster rate. This way, your vehicle can easily hit higher horsepower and torque.

There are more options than a new paint job to give your vehicle a new look. When you include new lights, aftermarket wheels, and other upgrades like the ones mentioned above, expect people to be in awe of your vehicle’s new look.


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