Amazing Jeep conversions

Jeep is an iconic brand that been around since 1943. The original World War II Willys Jeep is legendary for its simplicity and pure functionality. The Jeep Wrangler has been in continuous production since 1986 and is probably the most recognisable model in the Jeep range.

The Wrangler is a popular model for after-market upgrades and here’s just a selection of some of the amazing Jeep conversions out there:


AEV, or American Expedition Vehicles, is a specialist company that not only supplies aftermarket parts, but they also sell fully built, extensively modified Jeep Wranglers and Dodge Ram pickups for clients around the world. The Wrangler includes upgrades like fortified bumpers, DualSport suspension, heat reduction hood and alloy wheels. Interior features include leather seats for greater durability and ruggedised rubber floor liners that contain spills.

Electric Wrangler

While Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has promised both an electric and hybrid version of the Jeep in the near future, a Korean company has already produced a fully-electric Jeep Wrangler. As you’d expect, the electric jeep has incredible torque when crawling over rocks and hills. It has two 60kw motors and produces 160 hp. ENVI, Chrysler's in-house environmental organisation, did create some fully electric prototypes back in 2008 but the development was suspended when Fiat took over the company.  The official electric Jeep is unlikely to be a Wrangler, more likely it’ll be a smaller, lighter urban SUV.


Another popular conversion trend is the half-cab, where the Wrangler is converted into a mini-ute, often with a lift kit for more ground clearance and a motor upgrade from the standard V6 to a 6.4L V8 Hemi.

Easter Jeep Safari

Every year at Easter time, Jeep unveils new concept vehicles for enthusiasts to drool over. The 2018 line up included a ‘Jeep 4Speed’ model, with many carbon fiber components and a 2.0L turbocharged engine for lightness and speed. The fact that it has no roof, doors or back seats and is 22 inches shorter than the standard model also contributes to weight reduction. 


Will Castro

Will is a car builder and TV personality with his own show—Unique Rides. Many of his creations are highly customised from the ground up, including his unique take on the Jeep Wrangler.

The matte black beast includes a supercharged engine, LED headlights, a 3-inch lift and a JBL Legend CP100 sound system. The black finish is complemented by red accents like the front grill, D-rings and interior trim.  

Will Castro

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Many of these conversions are high-end projects, but there are simple mods you can make to your own Wrangler to improve its features and add some personal touches.

Quadratec recommends ten mods that will give you the best bang for your dollar

  1. New Bumpers. Swap those plastic bumpers for quality cold-rolled steel.
  2. Entry Guards. These simple, stick on protectors will save your Jeep from scratches.
  3. Floor Liners. Protect your interior carpet with easy to clean floor liners.
  4. Grab handles. A must-have for serious offroading.
  5. Replacement hood latches. Stronger than the factory fitted ones.
  6. LED lights. More powerful—more economical.
  7. Emergency Kit. Toe rope, first aid kit—essentials really.
  8. Seat Covers. An excellent way to personalise your rig with colour matched covers.
  9. Interior storage. Dash organiser that give you more storage options.
  10. Soft Top. A flexible option for summer that offers you open-air driving.
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