9 Most Often Replaced Car Parts

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No matter how carefully you drive, your vehicle will experience wear and tear. And depending on how often and where you drive, some parts will wear faster than others.

Here’s a quick list of car parts that need replacing more than others. Use this list to make sure your vehicle is constantly in good shape.


Car tyres don’t last forever, not even the heavy-duty ones that you put on off-road trucks.

If you drive often and over long distances, tyre treads wear down much faster.

There are also road hazards that can puncture or cut the tyres, not to mention issues like incorrect alignment that can result in uneven wear.

However, as long as you rotate your tyres and drive at reasonable speeds, you’re likely to get 90,000 kilometres or more out of a quality set of tyres.

Rotors and Brake Pads

Rotors keep your vehicle’s brake system from overheating.

If you’re an aggressive driver or often get caught in stop-and-go traffic, the rotors wear down faster than usual and increase the risk of brake failure.

If you hear squeaking or grinding sounds when you brake, or a pulsing brake pedal, it's time to replace the rotors. 

Squeaks and squeals when braking may also indicate worn-down brake pads.

Do note that large trucks require more power for braking, so the brake pads may need replacement more often. Try to find brake pads that generate less dust, as they tend to last longer than standard brake pads.

Bumpers and Grilles

Road and outdoor debris like small rocks and branches can cause a lot of damage to your car. The occasional grazes and near-misses with other vehicles may also result in bumps, scratches, and dings.

Even a stray trundler in a supermarket’s parking lot can nick the paint or cause a dent.

This is why bumpers, grilles, and other exterior parts get replaced a lot. Make sure to go to a reliable auto parts supplier in NZ to get quality components that ensure not just your car’s good looks but also its safety.

Rear Exterior Lights

Your car’s rear exterior lights (turn signals, brake lights, and tail lights) burn out faster than headlights or fog lights, simply because they're being used more often.

Perform regular maintenance checks to ensure that these lights are working properly.

You can replace the bulbs yourself; just refer to the owner’s manual and you’ll find instructions on how to remove and replace the housing and bulbs.

And as with any other car part, make sure to get the light bulbs from reliable suppliers to ensure quality. 


Many things can affect your vehicle's battery life. Factors such as battery age, poor driving habits, and inconsistent use all affect battery health.

Most car batteries need replacement every four to five years. It’s a good habit to check for damaged cables and dirty terminals every so often since these can cause the battery to fail even if the battery itself is still in good condition.


The alternator charges your car’s battery and supplies the power to run the electrical systems.

If your vehicle is often used in demanding situations, the alternator’s lifespan can decrease significantly.

However, alternators also often get misdiagnosed. Sometimes, poor electrical connections are the culprit. Therefore, make sure to get the alternator tested first before you get it replaced. 

Spark Plugs and Fuses

Are you having trouble starting up your car? Is it slow to accelerate? Does the engine surge?

If you answered yes to any of these, you might need to replace the spark plugs.

Meanwhile, problems with instruments such as windshield wipers or the air-conditioning can be caused by blown fuses.

Fortunately, these are relatively inexpensive and easy replacements. Refer to the owner’s manual to locate the spark plugs and fuses.

Check for signs of damage and replace the parts when necessary.


Your vehicle’s clutch can last for 200,000 kilometres or more.

However, aggressive driving styles, bad driving habits like “riding the clutch,” and towing can all shorten the clutch’s lifespan. Larger vehicles like trucks and utes may also need more frequent clutch maintenance and replacement, especially when used on rugged terrain.

Make it a habit to inspect your car regularly.  Remember: a well-maintained car is a safe car.

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