The Benefits of Going to Auto Dismantlers

One of the automotive industry's best-kept secrets is its recyclability. Once your car retires from the road, around 80% of its parts will surely live many more lifetimes - thanks to wrecking yards scattered across the globe, also known as auto dismantlers. While it's not often a topic of discussion, it's good to know that the industry is doing its best to reduce the waste and continue to develop more earth-friendly vehicles.

According to auto recycling statistics, materials from recycled old vehicles shoot over 25 million tons every year, making automobiles the most recycled consumer product in the world.

What are auto dismantlers?

An auto dismantler buys, sells, or deals vehicles - mostly non-repairable ones - for the purpose of dismantling them. When you bring a vehicle to auto dismantlers, the first step of the auto salvage process involves a thorough examination to determine parts that are worth salvaging, which typically covers everything from handles, to cylinder heads, to body panels, to suspension pieces - name it!

These include integral parts and component materials of used vehicles, in part or in whole. Usable parts will then be refurbished, sold, or recycled. For decades, the automotive recycling industry has been saving millions of barrels of oil yearly, to make new or replacement auto parts, with the aid of auto dismantlers. Why buy brand new when you can get excellent used parts for your car?

At Hi Tech Auto Parts World we take an environmentally sustainable approach to auto dismantling. Visit our warehouse of used auto parts to select the right car parts for you.

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Moreover, auto dismantlers play a significant role in the safe and proper disposal of hazardous coolants, oils and other fluids from cars, and somehow reversing the effect of car pollutants on the environment while still in use.

So instead of leaving your old non-operational cars to rot in your garage, consider towing them to an auto dismantler near you. Not only is it beneficial to the environment, but also to your wallet!

Car dismantlers in Christchurch even supply high quality auto parts (eg. Jeep bonnet struts and shocks) to wholesale and retail customers at a fraction of the cost of its brand new counterparts. If saving big bucks is like music to your ears, you better start your search for 'auto dismantlers near me' in New Zealand and check if they have what you're looking for.

Otherwise, there's always an option to get in touch with Christchurch automotive dismantlers like Hi Tech Auto Parts which delivers to Auckland, Dunedin and anywhere in New Zealand.

What do you get from automotive dismantlers?

Besides the heavily discounted quality automotive parts and a feeling of fulfillment knowing that supporting car dismantlers in Christchurch is environmentally beneficial, you will also get top-notch and personalized service on par with dealers of brand new cars and the staff at Hi Tech Auto Parts will prove you that. A great service will always give you a mechanical education, get down to the specifics and deliver you what you need.

To get in touch with our staff, visit our contact us page.

Whether you need to sell your salvage car to make some extra money or are looking for used rare and genuine car parts, a trip to the auto dismantlers in Christchurch will not disappoint. As mentioned, expert personnel at auto dismantlers remove and save anything that is usable for refurbishing. It certainly isn't just a penny-pincher's paradise, but also an avid gear collector's because of the hidden gems you might find there.

End-of-life vehicle owners and individuals on the search for used parts, most especially for vintage cars, will find that auto dismantlers might just be what they're looking for!

There are two types of auto dismantlers; one is do-it-yourself and the other is full-service. Obviously when you do it yourself, you have to bring your own tools and dive deep into the sea of rundown cars to pluck out the widgets that you need. Needless to say, you are expected to know what you are doing like the back of your hand.

Full-service car dismantlers in Christchurch will pull the parts you request and deliver them right at the counter or to your doorstep! It requires absolutely no effort from your side. Besides the fact that you'll get total convenience, you can buy with confidence knowing that auto dismantling experts will ensure these car parts are in the best condition possible.

What types of cars and car parts can you bring to auto dismantlers?

Generally, you can take a wrecked or damaged vehicle that is beyond repair whether it's due to an accident, mechanical complications or simply due to age to automotive dismantlers in Christchurch, Auckland, or Dunedin.

While many auto dismantlers will not say no to a range of various vehicle types and models you bring, it's advisable to call ahead and inquire about cars they normally handle and have expertise on.

That way, if it's absolutely necessary for you to sell off your jeep bonnet struts, you'll have better chances of fetching a good price from auto dismantlers specializing in Jeep auto parts or you can pick up car parts for your Mitsubishi at a great bargain from various Mitsubishi car wreckers in Dunedin and Christchurch, for example.

At most times, if they do not happen to accept certain types of vehicles, you will be pointed to the direction of experienced automotive dismantlers in numerous parts of New Zealand who might be able to help you out.

As for car parts, you can bring anything to auto dismantlers from body and main parts to engine or transmission. Again, it depends on the model and make of the car that they are willing to accept and work with.

The reason why auto dismantlers only take in certain types of vehicles is because they want to focus on pieces their knowledgeable of. Hence, they will be able to resell these auto parts successfully as they have already established themselves as experts in handling specific car brands such as Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, etc.

Where to find car wreckers and auto dismantlers in New Zealand?

Running a quick search of "auto dismantlers near me" on Google will turn up quite a few auto dismantlers all over New Zealand where you can make a haul and tick off majority, if not all, of your car parts needs. No matter where you are, car wreckers in major cities like Christchurch, Auckland and Dunedin are ran by small business owners that will be happy to assist you.

Hi Tech Auto Parts is one of the most trusted and reliable automotive dismantlers based in Christchurch. They will take care of all your requirements and help you score the best deals before you exhaust yourself looking all over the place. Whether you live nearby or in the North Island, this auto dismantler will ship your request straight to your home.

Contact Hi Tech Auto Parts now for the best quality used car parts in New Zealand you won't get anywhere else!


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