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What makes Dodge Vehicles Unique?

The well-known Dodge brand has had a long, rich history characterized by trendsetting, constant innovation of technology and Dodge parts, and a long list of successful, iconic models Along with its parent company, Chrysler, its famous models such as the Challenger and the Ram remain at the forefront of its lineup despite being in existence for decades. Constant improvements and upgrades to these Dodge model’s parts have kept these models up-to-date with the latest technology, keeping them tough competitors in the automobile market.

Even the brand’s discontinued models such as the Dodge Ram, Caliber, Challenger, and Nitro are still popular choices for secondhand cars for some. Older, well-known models are also quite popular; the 1970 Challenger is a valued collector’s model, and Challenger parts are highly coveted due to the high maintenance needs of the model.The demand for Dodge parts is clear with its flourishing market, especially considering the wide range of available Dodge parts online.

Famous Dodge Models

One of the best known Dodge models, the Challenger has been in production since 1958. As of now, there have been 4 generations of this model, with the 2016 Challenger being the one currently included in the company’s lineup. The most iconic version of this model, though, is the second generation, 1970 Challenger.

The 1970 Challenger came with a wide range of engine types, sharing the same E-body with the Plymouth Barracuda. It dominated the car scene with its stylish exterior and luxurious interior, selling more than 70,000 units in 1970 alone. The 1970 Challenger has won multiple national shows and has been featured in numerous magazines.To this day, its iconic appearance is very recognizable, and those who own such a model will certainly have fun memories cruising around in this stylish sports car.

As it was one of the only two models with the E-body, second-generation Challengers became valued for their rarity, the uniqueness of Challenger parts being highlighted in its design. 1970 Challengers are now valued, sold at high prices, and are painstakingly maintained by buying Challenger parts.

Another example of a famous Dodge Model is the Dodge Ram. Despite now being marketed separately from Dodge cars, Ram may still be the brand’s most popular truck. It has certainly won its fair share of awards; Motor Trend magazine has named Ram vehicles Truck of the Year five times, once each for the second-generation up to the fourth-generation models. The Ram truck also won the 2003 and 2004 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Manufacturers’ Championship, as well as the San Felipe 250 races in both 2008 and 2009.

The first generation of the Dodge Ram started production in 1981, though these first models sold poorly compared to other brands. It was the 1994 redesign of the Ram Pickup, though, that had a massive impact on the truck world. The second-generation model was extremely successful in sales, the number of units sold rising from 78,000 in 1993 to 240,000 in 1994. This number grew further to 410,000 units sold in 1995, and nearly 480,000 in 1996.

As for muscle cars, Dodge has no better model than the Charger. Like the Challenger and the Ram, the Charger model is still part of the current Dodge lineup with the most recent 2016 Charger. But through its history, the Charger is one of Dodge’s models that has undergone the most changes and improvements in its car parts.

The 1970 Dodge Charger, in particular, was the one that set the standard for muscle cars in America, known for its high performance and exhilarating speed. This was demonstrated in the 1970 NASCAR season, in which the model had more wins than any other car, championing ten times.

Meanwhile, Dodge paved the way for minivans with the Caravan in 1983. Alongside the Chrysler Plymouth Voyager, the Dodge Caravan was the first of its kind, a vehicle that could seat up to seven people and had abundant cargo space. It quickly became a favorite for large families and was used for family trips or group transportation. Along with other FCA minivans, Dodge-branded minivans like the Caravan have outsold every other minivan brand in the United States.

The value of Dodge vehicle parts

Dodge models are certainly some of the most iconic vehicles on the road today. Whether your Dodge is an older model or a more recent one from the current lineup, it is also important to maintain your Dodge car regularly. While this includes periodic fluid and engine checks as well as regular oil and tyre changes, even the most resilient model will also need Dodge replacement parts.

As mentioned before, like many successful car brands, Dodge has a long list of discontinued models from previous years. While the needs of the market change and technology developments, the brand release new models nearly every year boasting upgrades and improved Dodge parts. In most cases, a car can last up to 8 years; 15, if well-built and properly maintained. Unfortunately, not all can afford. Many may prefer to buy used, secondhand older models since it’s more affordable and within their budget.

That is why Dodge parts are extremely important; with a decent secondhand model and routine maintenance, you can have the luxury and dependability of a Dodge automobile without having to purchase one of the newer models. Older models tend to share equipment parts and are easier to find replacements for than new models. From used Dodge Ram parts to prized 1970 Challenger parts, there is a variety of Dodge parts being sold online, and it’s easy nowadays to find what you need.

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